Tuesday, November 29, 2005

40b resources

A quick web search on 40b has turned up slightly more information than I expected, so I'd like to share the progress that others have made and also some of the obstacles we will face in our crusade against the atrocity of 40b:

First, the state government pro-40b site Massachusetts Housing Partnership sings praise for 40b while downplaying the damage. However, it does contain a number of useful official and unofficial documents including local review guidelines for towns, Q&A sections, official regs, and some happy statistics. Hey, you paid for this web site. Might as well get some use out of it.

Next in order out of google came the Marshfield Action Website. This site has a hodgepodge of information, links and news items about 40b and also invites all other interested parties to join up. Developments in Lincoln, Mansfield, Lakeville, Scituate and other towns are noted. Letter writing guidelines, addresses, even a 40b song is here. These folks got spirit.

Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions points out that wetlands protection may trump 40b. I'm not sure this is the most honorable approach, and even a one time victory on these grounds does nothing about the greater problem. But 40b is a vile beast and we should fight it with everything we have.

And now back to the government for Romney's task force web site. Love ya Mitt, but hate the pro 40b propaganda. Try not to gag looking at the nice 40b photos. You paid for this site too.

Here's a central Mass site centered around the Miscoe watershed. Lots of info and links here but again I'm afraid that the environmental angle is going to do nothing to rid us of 40b in the bigger picture.

Wow. As I continue to search, town after town comes up. Group after group of local concerned citezens, project after project, neighbor after neighbor, its the same. Sometimes a successful fight, more often I'm afraid not. All these towns independently organizing and fighting the same thing independently. Sprinkled in between are government sites supporting 40b (you paid for them) and the occaisional strong support from some ivory tower academic at Harvard or MIT. Then back to the townspeople, fighting for their towns.

I think its time we all get together and do something about this.


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