Sunday, November 06, 2005

Animals and the Environment

Lets be totally clear about one thing: I'm no fan of PETA. I'm no vegetarian, vegan, fur protester or for that matter, tree hugger.

However, like many Republicans, Libertarians, and Republican-Libertarian hybrids, I do tend to like the environment, and I like animals too. I don't believe that Bush caused Katrina via global warming via negative Kyoto, yet I like to have some clean open space left in the world and some species to fill it. I'm not a fan of polluted rivers, and I am especially disgusted by people who are needlessly cruel to animals.

Unfortunately, all pro-animal rights and pro-environment groups seem to be socialist or democrat money funnels. The little girls who send their allowance to the WWF have no idea that they just paid for part of an anti-Bush ad. Or worse. This is frustrating - why is it that these issue groups need to align themselves with left wing causes? I'm not going to buy "the democrats are the caring party" or any other such hogwash. I suspect that what has happened is that the global socialist undercurrent has attached itself firmly to emerging causes such as environment and animal rights, attaining the leadership positions and political links along the way. Or maybe its simply affinity - bleeding heart causes, suckers for socialism. Suckers, or something more insidious? Either way, we're kind of screwed.

This all comes to mind because I saw a piece of a video the other night on powerlineblognews/video (its not really linkable) which showed some naked protesters complaining about sheep abuse in Australia. Yea, I laughed too - shook my head, chocked them up to left wing idiocy, etc. Then some footage of the actual sheep abuse came on. People punching and beating the sheep, cutting considerable sections of skin off of live sheep, etc. Not good. There are some things you'd rather not know - like how we get hamburgers and how we test medicines and what happens to unwanted pets. But this is far beyond that, this is obvious cruelty.

I consider PETA to be practically an enemy of freedom, but I cannot be silent about this abuse, and I must therefore take the extraordinary step of linking to their video in my blog. This is some graphic and upsetting stuff. I literally did not watch the whole thing. Be warned.

Save the Sheep (PETA)

What can we do about this? Short of starting a libertarian or right wing animal rights group, not much. Give money to PETA and try to guess which democrats are using it to run attack ads.

I am confounded.


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