Saturday, November 26, 2005

Biden Pens an Op Ed

Joe Biden cracks me up. Not long ago I mentioned that to me he did a perfect and compelling job articulating the Democrat stance on judicial activism in the Roberts hearings. Walnuthill really took me to task for that one, and Biden subsequently spouted reams of idiocy that made me embarassed to have mentioned him.

Now, Biden has written an Op-Ed in the Washington Post, again attempting to portray the Democrat's take, the common sense take, your take on Iraq.

In response, Captains Quarters absolutely rips Biden to shreds.

It strikes me just now what it is about Biden that draws my attention - its not his grandstanding, or his manner, or his slicksterism - its that lately, Biden seems to speak the convolution which is the heart of the Democrats. He just goes out there and says it - convincingly. But then, that leaves it all on the record for us to examine.


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