Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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"OMG France is all busted up, the problem is spreading and worsening fast, its breaking out into Europe. Muslims err I mean downtrodden classes are burning cars and busting stuff up like they are on some kind of arsonist game show. People are starting to die. No one knows WTF to do." - Alien News Anchor

I'd like to consider two different windows on the rioting situation in France. Perhaps not uncoincidentally, the views line up with what I see as the most serious threats to America, freedom, and the world today.

Let us begin with the obvious, the big behemoth, the elephant in the room which most of us are looking at but some are looking away from: Muslim extremists. I'll stop short of calling it sweet irony - but it is irony nonetheless that France, bane of the Bush administration and anti-Iraq war stalwart, is now burning at the hands of the muslim yoot's. One might see in this a bigger picture about survival of western society in the face of a global threat: when the survival of the west is on the line, its time to stop worrying about whether we wronged Sadaam because he didnt really have WMD or whatever. Knock over the whole damn region and remake in any way we need to, to survive. Has the west really evolved beyond its survival instinct? Why did millions and millions of people protest the Iraq war, but only thousands protested the Iraq invasion of Kuwait? Kurd massacres? Shiite massacres? Did anyone really care? What. Is. Wrong. With. This. Picture.

But thats just the Islamofascist window on the world, which may appear to be the greatest threat and problem of our time - but I think its not. I think its a sideshow. (If a major city gets nuked by a muslim extremist, I'll surely eat these words).

I think the major problem, the primary evil, the deepest and most insidious enemy that the free world faces is the spectre of communism and its little brother socialism. This has been the case since the time of Marx and Lenin and will continue to be the case until such time as I cannot yet imagine. How can this be, you ask? The USSR has fallen, Eastern Europe is free, even China has legalized private property and is becoming ever more capitalist. Isn't communism dead? Well no, of course not. Socialism and its cousin liberalism are alive and well and positioned more powerfully than the communists ever were - right in the heart of all of the most advanced societies. Soros is a socliast. Moveon.org are socialists. Howard Dean? I'm not sure, but many say he is. I look at the democratic party platform and I see little or nothing to distinguish it from socialism, in principle. OK so what does this have to do with France burning?

France is largely socialist. Socialist-lite I guess. Socialist policies have led to high unemployment and a poor economy in France. The rioters are rioting against unemployment and poor economic conditions (and for respect!). The rioters want more handouts from government, more special treatment, more socialism. Another irony: socialism has caused their problem, yet they want more of it. Now, I don't know for sure which groups are organizing underneath the riots but there is clearly some organization going on. In every other case that I can think of, the socialists and communists have been there, have been agitating and organizing and driving a stake towards the heart of western society. Witness Hugo Chavez in Argentina, witness the incredible photo evidence over at Zombietime of so many diverse anti war, anti isreal and anti Bush protests here in the US. No matter what the event, if it is anti-western, there seems to be an underlying socialist organizing influence. So in France, socialism has caused such poor conditions that widespread destruction and riots have broken out. Will they demand more socialism? Will the snake eat its tail?

Socialism and communism are the enemy of all free people. The most seductive and poisonous of all ideologies, the most persistent, and the most dangerous.

In the meantime our disloyal opposition the liberals continue to analyze the decision to go to war in Iraq. Incredibly, they are still missing the terrorist links, global intelligence consensus of the day, and general problematic nature of the region. Speaking of which - in the MSM / liberal bias / idiocy department, some Vanity Fair bimbo on CNN last night explained the situation roughly as follows: "...its not like it is here over in France. Over there they have liberty, equality and frah-tern-ee-tay, this idea that everyone is equal. So there has been no affirmative action or anything...". Nice. CNN also has a very pro-riots video up on the net someplace where they interview all these fresh faced young frenchies of color who appear hurt and confused and only looking for some respect in this harsh world... Can we please fire the liberal media yet?

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