Friday, November 18, 2005

Could Blacks go Republican?

One of my favorite blogs Captains Quarters has a nice piece about the leader of the Florida NAACP switching from D to R affiliation. With something like a paltry 8 or 10% of all blacks voting for Bush, there is basically nowhere to go but up.

Why is this? Lincoln was an R, and he ostensibly ended slavery. Doesn't that count for anything? Certain historians might point to the anti civil rights history of certain R campaigns, ommitting inconvenient facts such as Sen. Bryd's (D-WV) former leadership position in the KKK. Nonetheless- there must be a reason, and this history must be part of it.

The other part, I suggest, is the fundamental belief among Democrats that rather than a nation of individuals, we are a nation of groups - some oppressed, others oppressors. As an oppressed group, you qualify for all sorts of goodies and handouts (think affirmative action and public housing). Democrats want to give special treatment and handouts to blacks, Republicans want to take them away. Pretty clear cut if your skin color happens to be black, huh?

We can only hope for any of the following to counterbalance this small instance of handouts-based democracy:

  • People realize that in principle, people ought to be treated equally and/or should be treated as individuals. Also, that affirmative action equals racial discrimination.
  • People realize that programs like affirmative action often cause net negative effects on their beneficiaries, and other handouts create dependencies which lull recipients into endless cycles of receivership.
  • Well to do people who are getting taxed like crazy realize that its better to just keep your money in the first place.

We got 10%, do I hear 20?

Democrats are rightfully sweating over this one. If people would only start acting and thinking like resposible individuals rather than oppressed minorities, we might stand a chance of putting the Democrats out to pasture for good.


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