Friday, November 18, 2005

The Courage to Cut Spending

Wonderful news today from the US House of Representatives: Republicans narrowly passed a budget cut bill which will "slice $50 Billion from the federal deficit by 2009".

Its not the $50B, or the deficit reduction that warms my heart. Its the fact that our elected Republicans are showing the courage to step up and cut spending - cut programs and entitlements that people feel they have a right to.

Our government has been expanding since the founding of this nation. Democrats want it to continue to expand, endlessly. Many Republicans are too scared or smart politically to fight the tide. For that matter, Republicans aren't even always in power! The odds are so stacked against small government in this endless battle, its practically a joke.

Democrats will come out and decry the injustice of taking away aid to the poor, student loans, and other entitlements. They continue to play the game that leads us all down the long path to communism: "need" justifies taking, entitlements once set are forever justified and owned, the federal government must never contract.

I feel a variety of things about this move by House R's: I hope that the bill doesn't fail, I hope that the Yea's dont suffer politically, I hope that the D's don't trot out disgusting Robinhood/entitlement rhetoric in response, and part of me feels that all of this may be hopeless. Even if this succeeds, I fear it will get washed away in the endless progress of long term federal government growth. But I am proud that the Republicans stood up and did this. It gives one hope that democracy might actually work, in the long run.

House Democrats unanimously opposed the budget cuts.


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