Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Delahunt's Oil for Communism Deal

William D. Delahunt represents the 10th District of Massachusetts in the U.S. House of Representatives for the Democratic Party. (Southeastern MA, cape, islands) Unsurprisingly, he is a liberal.

Hugo Chavez is the flamboyantly anti-American sort-of elected dictator of Venezuala who is every bit a communist aspirant. Chavez has a close relationship with Fidel Castro and believes that the US was behind a coup that put him away for a few years.

Chavez seems but a notch or two away from being considered an outright enemy of the United States: "The U.S. ... has stated that Chávez is a "negative force" in the region, and requested support from Venezuela's neighbors in isolating Chávez."

Today, it has been announced that William Delahunt has brokered a deal with Hugo Chavez to deliver 12 million gallons of home heating oil to Massachusetts at a 40% discount, to aid poor families with heating costs for the winter.

Setting aside the possibility that Delahunt is just taking Chavez for a ride, here's what we have: A member of the US House of Representatives throws in with an enemy of America, who in return gladly sends up some cheap foreign oil. Delahunt apparently has no problem giving handouts to the poor from our enemies, socialists, the enemies of freedom. They are, after all, in the same gig. Handouts for votes. Never mind where it came from.

Chavez must be thrilled with the prospect of building some more grassroots support - inside the US - for his communist ideals and anti-Americanism. After all, who has stood up for freedom, who has stood in the way of global communism and socialism, who promised to continue to spread freedom throughout the world but the US? Free people are the enemy of communism, and the US is still perceived as the big freedom enchilada.

And so Delahunt has done more than sold out any patriotic or pro-freedom principles of his own, for he will touch many Massachusetts residents with this outrage. Cheaper heating oil, warm families in the winter, aid for the poor - from whom? From communists of course. From enemies of America. How many recipients will be influenced by this gesture? What increase will we see in domestic anti-Americanism, and pro socialist sentiment? When cheap foreign oil is at stake, will anyone think of our freedoms?

And here in Massachusetts, the birthplace of democracy, the birthplace of freedom. No greater insult was ever visited upon us.

William Delahunt, I judge you a traitor to your country.


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