Saturday, November 12, 2005

New England Blog Roundup #2

In this second weekly New England Blog Roundup, I present my favorite area blog articles of the week:

First, I'm pleased to be able to link New England Republican after skipping them last week. There are a number of good posts but one in particular which covers a topic I almost failed to mention: Wishful Thinking slams the media for blowing the latest republican election defeats out of proportion and - imagine this - drawing negative conclusions for Bush and the republicans. This piece is followed by some good and thoughtful comments as well. I'll follow up on the "Bush sinking" theme in a later post. Preview: his current approval rating, lowest yet, is still higher than the lowest for the last 7 presidents. In most cases by a good margin. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Next, Libertarian Leanings has 2 nice pieces this week: Somebody Noticed points out that the endlessly anti Bush wind from the MSM is starting to become apparent to the American public. I'm always a sucker for a good MSM bias article. The more people that understand, the more chance that it may ever change. Some more bias shows up in Outrage, but the most important piece of this story is getting the REAL story from Jordan.

Secure Liberty has a refreshing post about two upcoming movies. Both fantastic stories with clear senses of Good and Evil. If liberals could just think back to their worldview before college, they might remember the whole thing about Good and Evil.

Why do big American cities vote so overwhelmingly democratic? Hub Politics gives us some food for thought. Liberals couldn't stop yelling about how Republicans must have cheated in the last presidential election, but the problem is: the evidence always comes up that its the D's that cheat. (see: Washington Governor's Race, Stolen)

Thats all I have time for this week, see ya at next weekend's roundup. Any local blogs that I may have missed who want to be reviewed or linked, feel free to drop some comments on this post.


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