Saturday, November 05, 2005

New England Blog Roundup

I hereby present some notable recent New England blog entries:

If you haven't been around a left wing protest recently, you're missing some truly sickening stuff. Aaron Margolis at Hub Politics has an incredible piece about Cindy Sheehan on the Boston Common, along with some jaw dropping pictures of the protest and counter protest.

The supreme court decision in Kelo v New London has touched off a national flurry of activity around eminent domain, with consideration at all levels about how to restrict the government's ability to seize land. Anchor Rising discusses the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2005 which banishes the type of eminent domain seizure seen in Kelo via the old "we'll take your federal funds" trick.

As an aside, I really hope that we use eminent domain in Massachusetts towns to thwart particularly vile 40B developments and turn the land into open space. Might post more on that later.

Every once in a while its a good idea to explicitly point out examples of the pervasive and deep rooted mainstream media bias in this country. The reliably raucous Dog Snot Diaries recaps a disgraceful Michelle Malkin find, and adds some color as per usual. Also check out the picture of the redneck pacifier not because it has anything to do with anything, but because its damn funny.

And finally, Martini Pundit puts communism in its proper place.

Kudos to our fellow New England bloggers for some great content.


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