Thursday, November 03, 2005


the hard left believes that bush lied about wmd in order to go to war in iraq. when pressed, they will claim that at a minimum, the administration hyped up the evidence - but they want more than anything to be right about the lies part. lord knows they've spent enough time and energy promoting it. so, with no real evidence, the left promoted the "bush lied" mantra to each other, to the world, to anyone who would listen. some might find this "hyping" of the case that bush lied to be ironic.

but, now that everyone on the left believes it, and soros' millions are lined up behind the theory, they'd really like to find some evidence. they are sending their lie inspectors to all the sites that they can get their hands on, but the crafty and disingenuous bush administration is always one step ahead.

now the indictment of libby, but not rove. finally a measure of revenge! but then crafy bush thwarts this minor news by nominating alito and stealing the spotlight, so what do you do? you lost rove, there is no indictment about "outing" plame, you still got nothin on pre-war lies - so what do you do?

you have your puppet harry reid pull a publicity stunt linking the libby perjury indictment to bush manufacturing intel. close the senate. debate it. steal back the spotlight.

i see 2 main problems with this strategy:

1. blatant defiance of logic like this is bound to drive intelligent people away from the democrats. libby lying to a grand jury about some conversations with reporters = bush manufactured false intel? i dont think so. how long are the intellectuals on the left going to stand for this stuff?

2. the anti-american song sung by the hard left is a LOSER. most voters like this country. we want to be safe. we care more about our skyscrapers and citizens than the rights of terrorists or sadaam.

keep up the anti american song dems, and you will keep up the incredible losing streak that we've seen since vietnam. seeing our soldiers dying in iraq is tragic, but who wants a bunch of anti american pansies in charge of our national security?


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