Thursday, November 03, 2005

Republican Sampler Platter

To all those Bush haters, republican bashers, blue staters, patriot act detractors, daily kos readers and other "get the government out of my [social] business" liberals, I offer a quick sampling of recent happenings. Who, as O'Reilly says, is looking out for YOU?

On freedom of speech:

HR 1606, a bill protecting blogger free speech, gets a majority vote but fails to get the 2/3 needed to override provisions of McCain-Feingold. Look how the parties voted. R: 179 Y, 38 N. D: 46 Y, 143 N.

On eminent domain:

Kelo v. New London, US Supreme Court sides with the city 5-4 and affirms the taking of private property for commercial development. Dissenting were the conservatives: Thomas, Rehnquist, Scalia, OConnor. All of the liberals supported the land grab.

On marijuana / states rights:

Again the supreme court, this time upholding the federal government's ability to ban pot under the commerce clause. 3 conservatives dissented, but where were the liberals? All voted in favor, joined inexplicably by Scalia. Voting for big government power I guess?

In some of these cases, I do not understand why the D's opposed. I guess I dont really care, since I judge US liberals, leftists and D's of the past 6 years to be quite literally beyond redemption. But I would like to point out that Republicans are the ones who are consistently trying to protect our freedoms.

Bonus section - On spending:

Lately its all the rage for liberals to decry the big spending of the Bush administration. Such hypocrisy would be laughable if it were not more or less TRUE - we've been spending like crazy and no one seems ready to stop it. The Coburn Amendment was an attempt to siphon off some pork to pay for disaster relief. After picking up some steam in the blogosphere, the amendment failed horribly (15-82), even among republicans - but where were the liberals on pork reduction? This is a shame for both parties, but look at the D's in this case - only 4 Yes votes - next time they try to paint themselves as the fiscal conservatives. Maybe before they throw stones they can explain why Patty Murray (D-Wash) promised to "take a long, hard look at projects in states of anyone supporting the ammendment... At least the R's got 10 votes. Furthermore, most conservative blogs (my handy linkable proxy for the conservative intellectual leadership) bitterly opposed what happened here. If nothing else, this episode gives a crystal clear picture of one of the greatest pitfalls of democracy.


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