Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weekly New England Blog Roundup #3

After missing a week, we return to recap a rather mellow Thanksgiving week (and the prior one!) in the New England blogosphere!

First, New England Republican gives us a thorough recap of the Murtha vote and the Democrat's odd position on the war. Many other blogs big and small are quoted with N.E.R.'s favorite passages, quite a few of them, right there in the text. Dems exposed once again.

Kellipundit (SeanO actually) has a hopeful piece about the end of Zarqawi in Iraq, tied somewhat to the Jordan bombing. I'm usually careful of any premature celebration, having learned along with the rest of us that its no good to declare mission accomplished when our foreign and domestic enemies will seek to throw our optimism back in our face the first chance they get. Not long ago the new rage among the American left (i.e. the anti American left) was to make fun of the fact that we keep announcing that we are knocking off top Zarqawi aids.

Libertarian Leanings notes that the Iraqi Red Crescent has donated a million dollars to Katrina relief, including the following quote from its leader:

"I wish we could have a billion dollars to give," Said Hakki, the organization's president, said by telephone from Baghdad. "Even then, it is not enough to show our appreciation for what the U.S. has done for Iraq and is still doing."

I always find it a bit shocking to hear Iraqi's expressing such sincere gratitude for what we have done there - but why? Why shouldn't they be this thankful? Of course they should, we have sacrificed much to free their populace and help them stand up. It was a courageous thing to do, and its awfully nice to be thanked once in a while. I can't imagine why we never hear this sort of thing from the media...

Martini Pundit has a nice analysis of Cheney's recent speech, worth a read for its content and quotes, and to remind us despite all the nutty Dem rhetoric, what the heck is really going on in the world.

Hub Politics covers Romney's death penalty bill, which went down to defeat at the hands of state Democrats. Reminds me of a left wing issue-rating scale that I recently saw when researching the traitor Delahunt, where the desirable stance on the issue of crime was: Crime: 78% Pro-rehabilitation (from demopedia).

This thing that we call liberalism these days, I swear it must be a recessive gene. It would surely self destruct at all levels if not protected by a superior idealogy (freedom) and common sense committment to one's own country among the majority. In the long run, leftism ought always to kill itself off. I just hope it doesn't take us with it.

Finally, And Rightly So carries a Thanksgiving tribute to some recent casualties; a needed reminder about the real cost of what we are doing and the real sacrifices of our American Heroes.


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