Friday, November 11, 2005

The worst kind of lies

One of the reasons that I've come to hate the democrats so much is their political 180 on the Iraq war. I guess its too hard for them to say that they did support it and hey maybe things didnt work out so well, so we changed our minds. Or we made a mistake. Or maybe we still support it. From the cowardly liars in the democratic party, this is far too much to ask. Democrat after democrat saw the intel, believe what everyone else believed, and supported the war. Now, it was because the intel was a lie. Bush's lie. Bush's lie somehow propagated through Tenet's CIA by some shadowy administration figure and then percolated back up to Bush. Its the stuff of conspiracy theory, and there is no evidence for it. The 9/11 report provides evidence against it.

Finally, Bush is hitting back. But the cowards are yelping.

The NY Times slings a good amount of bias on the situation after a catchy title Bush Forcefully Attacks Critics...
The Washington post is somewhat more balanced.

Or you could just read the text of the remarks.

Don't bother with the democrat responses unless you want to gag on putrid lies. Hey, sure, be against the war. Just dont be a lying cowardly hypocrite.


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