Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yet Another Iraq Musing

CNN reports that the recent bombings in Jordan were in fact carried out by Al Qaeda in Iraq, according to the Jordanian government.

I see a number of interesting facets to this:

  • Regional populations may be forced onto our side in Iraq, if for no other reason than to stop an outflux of terror attacks against their own people from Iraqi bases. If Zarqawi can export terror to neighboring countries today, imagine what he could do if the US abandoned Iraq and it fell into chaos.

  • What this tells us about Zarqawi: he isnt very politically savvy - thats good, but we already knew it. Does he want to hit his home country of Jordan in particular? It is believed that he does. Is he frustrated by the difficulties and lack of progress in Iraq and looking for other ways to drive at his goals? Perhaps. Does this show strength, or weakness? I'm going to go with weakness, and a weakening move to boot. Wishful thinking?

  • CNN carefully avoids the "in Iraq" suffix in their headline "Jordan confirms al Qaeda behind...", although they can't not mention it in the article. The establishment of al Qaeda in Iraq is practically a direct slap at the anti war forces who claim there was "no link between Iraq and al Qaeda". Granted, this name was coined well after the start of the war, but any level of analysis clearly shows that Zarqawi, its leader, was in Iraq well before the war, receiving medical treatment after having fled Afghanistan. What the liberals *should* say is "there is no evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11". Even the MSM cant stop themselves from morphing this conventional wisdom into headlines such as "Commission finds no Iraq-al Qaeda link". The opposite of the truth. I tell you, for a group whose primary beef with the Bush administration is "hyping up intelligence", these folks sure love to hype their intelligence. Unfortunately the slight generalization from "no iraq-9/11 link" to "no Iraq-al Qaeda link" causes the assertion to move from true, to false.

    Edited to add:

    Norman Podhoretz destroys the liberal lie-about-the-lies. For anyone even slightly in the dark on the topic of "Bush Lied", this piece is a MUST READ.

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