Saturday, December 10, 2005

Leftist Bloggers Gather in Worcester

I've always known that there must be tons of leftist bloggers in and around Massachusetts, I mean - how could there not be? But my modest efforts to find them prior today came up mercifully empty. For some reason today I looked again. And I found them. As you would expect, many take their cues from major leftist outlets like dailykos, moveon and mydd (hell, even the big sites take their cue's from daily kos!). Haven't found alot of state politics or original content yet - but wait, what's this??

Today, December 10, from 10:30-4, there is a leftist blogger convention in Worcester! Alas, if we only knew in advance, someone could have attended and no doubt come out with some juicy content. There's nothing like a bunch of unfettered leftists all trying to outdo each other to get some real anti American juice flowin. Since I assume we dont have any R's or L's in attendance, I'm hoping something will show up on one of their blogs. They are supposedly liveblogging the event over at "political cortex".

According to Lynne from the liberal blog "Left in Lowell":

"I expect it'll be both a modest meeting and also a powerful one. Sure, it's small, with about 30 people attending; but most of the liberal Massachusetts blogging community will be represented .... At last count, four state candidates will stop by to meet and greet. We'll talk and brainstorm and hopefully come up with some innovative ways to use blogging to forward the progressive agenda."

I hope that they post their take on the "progressive agenda", because as far as I know every element of the modern progressive movement is essentially socialist, big government, and anti freedom to the core. Progress down the fabled marxist path, perhaps. Progress indeed.

I'll continue to puruse the Mass Left Blogosphere looking for anything not cut n pasted out of daily kos, and report back.


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