Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lefty Fest Part Deux

I confess to being disappointed that more juicy content didn't come out of the BlogLeft liveblogging exercise mentioned below. I'm not surprised that principles were neither discussed nor debated, but I did rather expect some level of Bush bashing commie fest. Instead it appears to have been one long tactics lesson. Tactics, always tactics with the left. Here's how and why we keep losing (too much religion and lies in the world) and here's how we have to be meaner and cleverer so that we can win. If people only knew the truth, they'd vote for us!

There are actually two liveblogging entries, here and here. Like I said, mostly discussions of tactics - but it did make me think, maybe we on the right should be devoting at least some of our time and effort to tactics as well. We are usually busy talking about ideas, while the left plots and strategizes how to eek maximum votes and influence out of their position. Pure politics. Saves them from having to have the really hard debates though, doesn't it? Anyway, one common theme that I really liked was bloggers supporting one another - a good idea that could work for any side. The fact that they had actual politicians there, interacting and strategizing with the bloggers - also good. A bit more difficult in Mass for us on the right, but why not?

Think about it for any length of time, and you have to admit to yourself that there are probably very smart people aligned with just about every major party and movement. We should learn from them when we can.


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