Sunday, December 18, 2005

Media Bias Again and Again

One of the most perplexing conversations to have is when you are talking to some liberal who is in denial about the left wing bias of the mainstream media. Or worse, one that thinks the MSM is conservative. Kind of leaves you speechless, hands out, "but, but.. but... how can you not see?". Now, some might call the Boston Globe MSM and some might not, but they are certainly among the worst offenders.

Kobayashi Maru has a nice little piece summarizing the Globe's recent call for Romney to resign. How can editors and reporters at the Globe, faced with such in your face left wing bias, possibly still claim neutrality? The only way I can think of: by lying.

In a related development, UCLA has recently completed a groundbreaking study of media bias using a new technique which counts alignment with liberal and conservative politicians by quotation, and attributes ADA conservate/liberal ratings to them. Surpise! The MSM is liberal. Fox News is only as far right as ABC News is left. The Wall Street Journal, aside from their editorial page, is very liberal. How scientific is this study? Who knows, but the results fit my preconceived notions, so it meets the Mary Mapes test of authenticity!

And did anyone mention the NY Times? They aren't just left biased, they are liberal activists. As such, they compromise our national security.


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