Friday, December 02, 2005

the venom

the lure is out, the trap is set
young minds intent to learn set foot
on campus laced with spid'ry strands
dressed up evil, reversed, takes root

twisted intent known perhaps not
even to poisoned purveyors
leader, guide, role model, sage will
welcome, comfort, impress, survey

a crop unjaded, innocent
fresh minds arrive to be brain washed
all they know to date is wrong but
lambs, their spirit easily crushed

We've done wrong, don't you see; (the bite!)
here's guilt from countless oppressions
here marx, here zinn, here leftist ideals
here anti American lessons

tears of joy to bring upon you
the sting of bite, pain of venom
lifes lens now near unbearable
join us and turn it against them

and so the venom flows among
our young, and our impress'able
guard against reason long enough
and mark becomes indelible

and so, when terrorists attack
and crush buildings, hopes, lives, dreams
of Americans, your poison
deafs your ears to innocent screams

whose fault, you ask, for tragedy,
we know, we always know, its ours
what must we have done to bring this
calamity to our own shores

venom blots and twists the vision
as screaming flight attendant roils
black gold, begat by our injustice
slit neck gurgles, gushes like oil

majestic twin towers, symbols
of greatness? no, of nothing good
capitalist pigs in splendor
sit, jewishly, above the world

to bring them down is only right
to be expected from the course
we've taken, shaken our foundation
falling souls; burning souls; no remorse

venom's victims, curs'ed, follow
a course far worse than suicide
poisoned foolish cynic's vision
will kill us all with backwards pride

open your eyes


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