Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekly New England Blog Roundup #4

Lots of war talk this week across the blogosphere, no doubt due to the administration's recently increased communications about Iraq. Since the Murtha vote, the dems have been in a bit of disarray, but they do continue to work hard. New England Republican points us to Marty Meehan's contribution, two anti war, anti Bush town hall meetings in Hudson and Concord. N.E.R was encouraging people to show up, I wonder if anyone did? Seperately, a non blogging colleague pointed out that Meehan used taxpayer dollars to promote his anti war events. (see banner ad)

I'm mildly amused at the level of hatred the left heaps upon Walmart. Personally, I don't really care much for Walmart and I almost never shop there, but the convoluted indictment that liberals have forumalted, and their consequent rage, is laughable. Kellipundit links and muses on a theory by which the democrats will lose the working class if they fully adopt the anti Walmart rage of the hard left.

Back to the war and its coverage here in the US, and Libertarian Leanings notes a recent poll showing that the negativity by Democrats hurts our troops' morale. I'm not sure how scientific this poll is, but what it says seems like it should be obvious: Democrat rhetoric hurts our troops. The upshot is troubling, though - one cannot reasonably attempt to forbid anti war opinion in the political sphere. What is the correct balance between free speech and acting earnestly in the nations interest on the one hand, and being an anti american enemy comforter on the other hand? Ideally, I think this judgement should come from within. Unfortunately, many Democrats don't seem to have much in there. On the other hand, Martini Pundit points out one Democrat who seems to have some sanity left.

Locally, Hub Politics points out state Democrats up to their usual taxing tactics, and a small victory for the taxed. Unsurprising of course, but it is important to continue to point out what happens when Democrats have power, if we are to hold out any hope of removing them.

I was hoping to find some blogger talking about the campaign finance reform that just passed in Connecticut, since I haven't looked very closely at it yet. Luckily, Connecticut Conservative has two posts here and here explaining a bit of background and the noting the vote itself.

Thats all for this week, see y'all next time.


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