Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Dynasty of the Left

I find this insight from the CSM to be rather startling:

Certain trends have been favoring the left for the past several decades. In the early 1960s, transfer payments (entitlements and welfare) constituted less than a third of the federal government's budget. Now they constitute almost 60 percent of the budget, or about $1.4 trillion per year. Measured according to this, the US government's main function now is redistribution: taking money from one segment of the population and giving it to another segment. In a few decades, transfer payments are expected to make up more than 75 percent of federal government spending.

from: CS Monitor commentary by Partick Chisolm. Lots of other insights in this piece as well, it shows a slightly different perspective on the seeming invincibility of the entitlement culture in the context of democracy. (h/t: RCP)

It does seem a near impossibility to roll back the tide of wealth redistribution. Could Marx have been right? Are we on a slow, inexorable journey towards communism? Is this the fruit of democracy?


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