Monday, January 02, 2006

NY Times, Enemy of the State?

The NY Times keeps swinging at the security of the United States with its latest piece "Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda" This boldly anti-American front page story handily exceeds the usual hard left bias of the NYT. In many ways, it it worse even than the NSA spying story on the eve of the Patriot Act vote. I simply can't imagine why they would publish something like this.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 - A Pentagon contractor that paid Iraqi newspapers to print positive articles written by American soldiers has also been compensating Sunni religious scholars in Iraq in return for assistance with its propaganda work, according to current and former employees.
"Clerics exercise a great deal of influence over the people in their communities and oftentimes it is the religious leaders who incite people to violence and to support the insurgent cause," the company said in the proposal, a copy of which was reviewed by The New York Times.

In some cases, "insurgent groups may provide Sunni leaders with financial compensation in return for that cleric's loyalty and support," the proposal said, adding that religious leaders are motivated by "a need to retain patronage" and a "desire to maintain religious and moral authority."

Why shouldn't NYT publish something like this?

1. Propaganda is always a part of war - exposing pro American propaganda isn't some remarkable scoop.
2. Exposing pro American propaganda undermines that propaganda in a time of war, wasting the effort.
3. To the extent that the NYT successfully reverses the effect of the pro American propaganda on Iraqi Sunnis, this will inevitably lead to more division and strife within Iraq. The battle for the hearts and minds of the Sunnis is what many consider to be the battle in Iraq.
4. Turning the Sunnis against the US will result in more attacks on U.S. soliders.

So, I have to ask: is the NYT merely blind? Or is it so important to the leftists at the NYT to turn out right about the war that they will do anything to help see it fail? It their pride so important to them that they will sacrifice the lives of U.S. soldiers to their cause?


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