Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fighting Dem Paul Hackett Surrenders

Much has been made in the left wing blogosphere of the new "fighting dems" phenomenon: Iraq war vets who are returning home to run for political office as Democrats. Their hero and #1 highest profile fighting dem was this clown Paul Hackett from Ohio, who lost an unexpectedly close race against a weak but supposedly secure Republican incumbent last time around. This time he is lined up to take down senator DeWine (R-OH).

The hard left loved him.

But yesterday, Hackett dropped out of the primary against D frontrunner Sherrod Brown. True to conspiracy theorist nutjob form, he blamed Democratic party leaders for sabotaging his campaign and betraying him.

Some left wing sites are quick to forget how much they loved him but even though they all now say he couldnt have possibly won (!!) some are really feeling the hurt.

Me, I just find it ironic that the fightingest of the fighting dems acted in typically democratic fashion - and surrendered.

So what are they going to do about it? Apply their tired old marxist driven class based analysis to their own party, of course!

The real reason so many people are upset that Hackett left the race has less to do with ideology than it has to do with the ongoing class war within the world of progressive activists. Online, Hackett's support came primarily from those activists who have very little power within the progressive movement as a whole: the working class within the progressive movement. By contrast, Sherrod Brown's support came from the aristocracy within the progressive movement: those who, like Charles Schumer and Rahm Emmanuel, have a lot of power over the direction of the progressive movement. Class, in this sense and in the world to which I am applying the term, is not determined by income. Rather, it is determined by power and ownership over the progressive movement. The outrage comes from the generally accurate perception among the progressive activist working class that the progressive activist aristocracy used their vastly greater power to remove Hackett from the race in favor of Brown. The outrage comes from the fact that, like in IL-06, they made this decision on behalf of a candidate of their choosing without consulting the progressive activist working class. The outrage comes from the very real fact that the activist working class places the blame for the nation's continued conservative backslide squarely on the progressive activist elite.

To which I will only add this one snippet from Tom Matzzie, MoveOn.org Political Action Director:

The story about "the Democrat who sold out" has become too familiar. Too often progressives tip toe around these betrayals. But there needs to be real consequences for these Democrats.

Replacing a right-wing Democrat with a more progressive Democrat will help voters more clearly understand what Democrats stand for--and that will help Democrats win.

Could this represent a schism in the Democratic base? Activist elites vs. anyone remotely centrist? We can only hope. The sooner the Democratic party finishes imploding, the more time we'll have to form a rational and loyal opposition party.


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