Monday, February 27, 2006

UAE + Ports: Powerline Weighs In

Just because its been a hot topic here, and because I love Powerline, I'm linking to John's latest stand-taking post on the matter. More and more I think that the deal should not be blocked, and people should just come to recognize and reject the mountains of idiot-hype that surrounded this debacle.

How do you make this case to the average voter, succinctly? Here's Powerline for ya:

...Much criticism of the "deal"--there actually isn't a deal, a company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates bought a British company that had contracts to administer facilities at six ports--consists of general criticisms of the UAE, as though companies headquartered in that country can only do business in America if the Emirates' record on terror-related issues is spotless. That strikes me as a complete non sequitur. More confirmed terrorists have come from Great Britain than the Emirates, but no one raised any objection to British control over port terminals.

And no one seems to care that the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia already controls terminals at nine American ports. Or that China operates both ends of the Panama Canal...

Its a nice post, go read it.


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