Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We Should Thank the Hard Left Blogosphere

This NY Times piece discusses Democrats' remorse over ongoing missed opportunities to take advantage of the troubles of the Bush administration. Some great quotes aside, the main message of the article is that the D's can't win unless they stand for something:

"It's absolutely required that the party talk about things in addition to the Abramoff scandal," said Martin Frost, former leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "I think the climate is absolutely right to take back the House or the Senate or both. But you can't do it without a program."

And Mr. Bayh said, "I don't believe we will win by just not being them."

The article doesnt mention it, but the real reason that the Democrats are completely unable to stand for anything is the overwhelming influence of the hard left blogosphere and related orgnazations such as MoveOn. These organizations dominate the activist community and ruthlessly attack any Democrat who does not hew close to the liberal line. (see: Lieberman) These people have taken their anger over the 2000 election, multiplied it by the war in Iraq, and added in a thousand additional ingredients - both real and imagined - and now they are insane. Insane, yet powerful. Too powerful to be ignored by Democrats, but too insane to appeal to the masses. This leaves the Democrats confused, unable to take a position, talking out of both sides of their mouths - or more often, not talking at all except to complain.

As long as the hard left retains such dominant influence, the Democrats must remain toungue-tied - or lose even worse than they already do! So, thanks, moveon and dailykos. You guys really help out alot in befuddling the Democratic party.

Alternatively, you might take Nancy Pelosi's view of things:

Ms. Pelosi of California, the House Democratic leader, did not dispute that argument. But, pointing to the Democratic strategy in defeating Mr. Bush's Social Security proposal last year, she said there was no rush.

"People said, 'You can't beat something with nothing,' " she said, arguing that the Democrats had in fact accomplished precisely that this year. "I feel very confident about where we are."


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