Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush Warned About Levees!

More breathless idiocy from the AP, which of course is being picked up and repeated all over the damn place. It basically says that although people told Bush in "agonizing terms" about the dangers of Katrina, he "didn't ask a single question" (and thus must not have cared or must have been incompetent). Since most news coverage is just reprints of this same article, its tough to see any actual quotes that were so agonizing, but the one that I saw had some expert saying that no one could predict if the levies would hold, but it was a grave concern...

After umpteen briefings on the subject, Bush isnt getting animated and asking questions. Looks like a good chance to Michael Moore him and leak it to some anti Bushies at the AP. They'll fill in the blanks for the public nicely.

Now we get to rehash the whole Katrina garbage and pretty soon Bush is gonna hate black people again. Super. How do we tolerate this? I'm starting to wish for the end of the AP.


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