Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sanctions Are a Joke; Nukes Are Not

It is in a way fortunate that Iran is acting so chest-thumpingly in its bomb development endeavor. With stealth and misdirection, and given the massive anti-American sentiment both at home and abroad, it would be exceedingly difficult for the U.S. to launch a pre-emptive strike without ironclad evidence of impending nukes.

Since Iran is giving us this opportunity, we should take it. We should strike any country attempting to develop nukes, hard and with little fanfare. Sanctions are a joke. Does anyone seriously think that there is any chance of sanctions causing an end to a nuclear program? Please. The only end will be an end by force, or an end under the threat of force.

Lets not kid ourselves. The consequences of a unilateral strike against Iran will be severe - for our nation, for our people and forces abroad, and of course for our president. But the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran could be immeasurably worse. This is our chance to save ourselves, and the world. We should take it.


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