Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Usual

With the recently escalated "reprisal killings" going on in Iraq and what seems like daily finds of dozens of executed bodies, it seemed recently that even some Republicans were starting to get cold feet about our presence in Iraq. They weren't so much parroting the left's endless no-wmd whining or calling the effort unjust; more just saying that we've lost. Some saying that Iraq is now in civil war.

Now, aside from the fact that "reprisal killings" might conceivably be killing terrorists, lets assume that this spate of violence is bad - really bad. But is this a civil war? Armed militant thugs of one side or another commit reprisal kidnappings and executions, and terrorists commit suicide bombings and we are calling that a civil war? Perhaps we've forgotten what civil war means. Or perhaps we're just hysterical. Or worse.

As long as terrorists are committing suicide bombings in Iraq, as long as al Qadea is taking its stand there, then that is where we must fight or flee. In this simple choice - fight or flee - why we are there makes no difference.


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