Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moron Iran

I expect nothing but liberal tripe from the likes of, the leading liberal blog in America.

But this front page article is just too much.

Everyone pretty much agrees that any type of strike [against Iran] would unleash hell and endanger American troops and American civilian lives as well. Given the grave and known consequences of military action, why does the government still have the military option on the table? Is it really an effective bargaining tactic if the Iranian has demonstrated it's more than willing to call our bluff?

Isn't there a politician brave enough and logical enough to stand up and say "endangering American lives is not an option"?

Above, they quote risks of Iran firing missiles at US troops in Afghanistan, among other things.

This article is the succinct summarization of the surrender mentality. Don't threaten them because they might hurt us. Never mind what they could do to us with actual nukes, since we are all cowards we'd better let them know that now so we can back down and hopefully they will forget about us.

Liberals left to their own devices would be extinct.


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