Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Protests inside the stadium took a gentle form: About 50 of the 3,200 students seated on the stadium floor turned their backs and held up placards denouncing the war as Rice received an honorary doctorate of law. Some 200 faculty did the same, according to a count by faculty members. Approximately 30,000 people attended the commencement, according to BC police.

4 times as many faculty as students "turned their back" on Condi during her BC commencement speech? I call that progress...

Protests of Rice Muted

But then again...
NEWTON -- Outside Boston College's graduation ceremonies yesterday, some 200 protesters chanted, ``Shame, shame!" and ``Give her a subpoena, not a degree, for crimes against humanity!"

...they did have support from the local nuttery. Question: since when is declaring war on a nation a crime against humanity?


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