Friday, August 11, 2006

Democrats, Socialists, and Netroots

I try to make it a habit to read the left wing blogs somewhat regularly to make sure I see all sides of the picture, as it were. I usually start with the king of lefty blogs, the most trafficked political blog in the world, daily kos. Then I ready mydd just to make sure that they are still doing nothing but repeating what is on dailykos. Then I read some local New England blogs like bluemassgroup.

Anyhow, I take Kos as representative of the entire left wing blogosphere, more or less, since so much of it copies so fully the kos content, tone, and mob mentality. Based on what I've seen, I agree with all the things being said in the press about the scary people on the left, and the extreme leftism of the so called netroots. Netroots (lefty blogs) are not so much democrats as they are socialists. Trouble is, no one on that entire side seems to know the difference.

Take this post and comments for example, which discusses a political trick that Vermot Democrats are doing to make sure that the dems dont have anyone running against socialist Bernie Sanders. Democrats are actually forcibly abdicating their own shot at the Senate in VT, in order to support a socialist!! This meets with universal approval among the commenters, many of whom applaud Sanders' socialism and none of whom criticize it. Many other posters equate his socialism with really great progressivism (I'd agree) and others do the same for liberalism. Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists - there is no line between any of them, no one sees a difference.

More and more, I don't either.


Blogger jorge said...

I don't follow your logic... "Democrats are actually forcibly abdicating their own shot at the Senate in VT, in order to support a socialist" ...

Are you saying that Dems are trying to block all other runners so that they can only have the socialist on the ticket, knowing full well, as you say they must, that it's a sure loss?

Wouldn't it be that they actually think that Sanders is the best chance for them, socialist or not? I mean I'd like to assume, for the sake of, well, our very democracy, that Dems, like Reps, are always trying to win seats.

You may argue that Democrats are really self-defeating socialists who don't even realize it, but I don't think I buy into the idea that they are self-defeating socialists who not only know it but embrace it.

"No thanks" on the Phentermine.

12:08 AM  
Blogger demolisher said...

Gah! Sorry about the spam comments, it takes a while to delete them all. And for the slow reply.

I'm saying Dems are ignoring their own party - no, actually blocking their own party from even running a candidate, to support someone in a different party who happens to caucus with them. Its a sure loss? Maybe, but if Sanders is a sure win then whats the harm?

Also, I'm saying that Socialists are so repugnant that if I were a dem I would not want them as an ally in any case. Dems should understand the difference, but many don't. I suggest that is because there is less and less of a difference every day.

I ultimately suggest that large parts of the Dem party are no different than socialists. And thats bad.

11:41 PM  

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